Missing Thai boys found alive, Christian group surprises at Manila Pride (03/07/18)

Thai boys found alive in cave after 9 days
Photo source: Daniel Burka, Unsplash

Missing Thai boys and soccer coach found alive in cave

A wave of relief and jubilation flowed over Thailand at the news, late Monday, that the 12 boys and their coach, trapped in a flooded cave in northern Thailand, had been located. The story had gripped the country for the past nine days, CNN reported.

A video clip by Thai Navy SEALs that captured divers talking with boys following their discovery went viral on social media.

Christian group apologizes for anti-LGBTQ views at Manila Pride march

The Manila Pride march had a surprising guest this year. A Christian group participated at the annual LGBTQ celebration event with a banner that read, “I’M SORRY. We’re here to apologize for the ways we Christians have harmed the LGBT community,” Southeast Asia-focus news site, Coconuts Manila, reported.

Another sign read, “Jesus didn’t turn people away. Neither do we.”

A March attendee Jamilah Salvador tweeted about the unnamed Christian group, and the tweet went viral,


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Yewon Kang

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