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Style Inspirations of the Month

Make full use of the last month of summer. To give you ideas for your next date (date night with 'yourself' included), interview, brunch, or just stroll in the neighborhood, we've rounded up some usua…


날도 더운데 책이나 읽자

날도 더운데 공항은 만원이라고 합니다. 국내에서는 땅끝마을까지 가본들 대프리카보다 조금 나은 정도의 더위를 피할 길이 없어요. 극장에 가면 '현실이 낫지 않냐'고 말하고 싶은 것인지 영화마다 전쟁과 투쟁이 가득합니다. 멀리 나가기도 귀찮은데 시원한 서점에서 책 한 권 사다가 동네 카페에서 읽어 보면 어떨까요. 진실로 호화로운 휴가가 아닐까요. 고르…

April Invest

April Invests: better than an afternoon coffee

We think a lot about how to promote other Asian women's projects. So many awesome projects, businesses, and books coming up all over the world, and so few resources we have. From small crowdfund…


Best TV and film to watch in December

What films and TV shows are likely to be remembered long after 2016 ends? We've made our list and checked it twice. Get ready to find out this month's recommended shows, which aren't really naughty, b…


11 holiday collections of Asian beauty brands

Every year, even if you’re usually indifferent to the makeup trends, it’s extremely hard not to be excited about the limited editions beauty brands create for the holiday season. From the casually aff…


December reading list

This time of year, everyone is scrambling to find the perfect gift. Luckily for you, we’ve got your back! From stories you can share with your kids to current cultural phenomena, we’ve got some unique…


November reading list

Now that we’re past the season of summer blockbusters, there are several interesting titles due for release this November. So, together with a few older, timeless tales, we’ve gathered the best of thi…

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Best TV and film to watch in November

Be thankful. Be very thankful. November is not just for post-Halloween, pre-Christmas frolicking. This month also marks a smorgasbord of new and exciting films and TV shows. In between the holiday sea…


Best TV and film to watch in October

Here we go, ladies. The sweaters and scarves are out and the trees are turning into golden yellow or vibrant red. This only means one thing – fall has officially arrived. Let’s bid farewell to the blo…


October reading list

Now that the weather is finally starting to cool off, there is no better way to spend your precious free time than curled up with a good book! Whether you want some creepy reads for the Halloween seas…


Best videos last week

1. Moana Official Trailer <br/> Ever since swallowing Pixar with its liberal flavor, and after years of criticism for promoting Barbie-lookalikes on screen, Disney has really been trying t…


Cattski: solid real singer-songwriter from Cebu

It’s always refreshing when you encounter an artist who’s genuinely good at making music. Cattleya Vanessa Espina is Cattski, a veritable jewel in the Philippines’ indie music crown. Besides writing a…


How an Asian family ended up in Transylvania

“How would you like to live in Transylvania, Romania for a year or two?” Bran Castle (Photo: Arlyn Nakajima) My husband asked one day over lunch in our apartment in Tokyo. “ROMANIA?” I blurt…


Best videos of the week

From Chinese protest in Paris to K-Pop stars surprising fans, here are eight best videos of the week we don't want you to miss. 1. France: thousands of people from the Chinese community protest…


8 books to read in September

Fall can be a crazy time of year: the kids are going back to school and work is entering the final phase before the new year. We get it, your free time is precious! So for our September reading list, …


8 books to read in August

We choose books by Asian authors, about Asian women, or just those you would totally like (we think!). You need good books in August. If you’re on a beach but not into splashing in a bikini, or if …


Two towers of Asian beauty vloggers

A decade ago (or less than that), you couldn’t find an Asian face at the beauty counters of department stores. In Asia. It was only in 2010 when Liu Wen was hailed as the first Asian global spokes…


Magician to bartender: sweet transformation

When you imagine a bar serving Don Draper or James Bond with old whiskey and classic cocktails, it’s easy to picture a middle-aged gentleman behind a bar. When you hear the words ‘ladies in a bar’, ho…

Life + Style

Anna Akana: why girls should ask guys out

is an American actress, director, comedian and half of the comedy duo Cat Benatar.Her YouTube channel has more than 1.4 million subscribers. She tackles the issues of gender, race, and mental health…


5 Asian fashion bloggers to watch

If you are like me, the word ‘fashion’ makes you roll your eyes and raises your blood pressure (from excitement or fear) at the same time. You wake up in the morning and realize you have nothing to…

Life + Style

Sex toy, your new best friend

People lug a 15kg oxygen tank on our backs and jump into the ocean or climb up to mountain tops to slide down its slopes on a snowboard, just to experience a new thrill. Such ‘adventures into the wild…