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7 Power Anthems by Asian Ladies

The vacation is over. It’s time to get back to work. What you need are a fiery lipstick, a sleek business suit, and a playlist to pump up your energy. We got you covered with the last one. Baby D…


Style Inspirations of the Month

Make full use of the last month of summer. To give you ideas for your next date (date night with 'yourself' included), interview, brunch, or just stroll in the neighborhood, we've rounded up some usua…

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8월, 날도 더운데 책이나 읽자

날도 더운데 공항은 만원이라고 합니다. 국내에서는 땅끝마을까지 가본들 대프리카보다 조금 나은 정도의 더위를 피할 길이 없어요. 극장에 가면 '현실이 낫지 않냐'고 말하고 싶은 것인지 영화마다 전쟁과 투쟁이 가득합니다. 멀리 나가기도 귀찮은데 시원한 서점에서 책 한 권 사다가 동네 카페에서 읽어 보면 어떨까요. 진실로 호화로운 휴가가 아닐까요. 고르…


Best TV and film to watch in December

What films and TV shows are likely to be remembered long after 2016 ends? We've made our list and checked it twice. Get ready to find out this month's recommended shows, which aren't really naughty, b…