Author: Tara Footner

Tara Footner

Tara Footner

Tara Footner (a.k.a. Om Sun Hui), is a Korean adoptee who grew up in Oregon, U.S.A. She now lives in Japan with her husband after nine years' adventure in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. When not putting pen to paper, she focuses on talent development and wellness training.

The Fushimi Inari trail by Lin Mei

How Japan Became My Home – Again

As we go through life, the different phases are often marked by some significant changes. If you follow an educational path, then the marks are clear: high school and college/university years, master’…


한국계 미국인 입양아, 그 정체성을 지키기 위하여

최근 미국의 정치 풍토를 보면, 명백한 사실을 하나의 의견쯤으로 치부하고 인종에 따른 차별 대우를 출입국 금지령으로 둔갑시키곤 한다. 언론지면에는 전쟁의 가능성을 정당화하는 헤드라인이 심심치 않게 등장하고 있다. 이러한 상황은 우리가 사는 세계 자체를 불편하게 느끼게 만든다. 특히 미국 사회의 주류를 이루는 인종 또는 민족적 배경이 아닌 사람에게 그 불편함…


Neat little boxes

Before I decided to embark on the adventures of life as an expat in the Middle East, I thought that being Asian in a predominantly white community was the most annoying reality of my life as an ad…


My experience of ‘Yellow Fever’

Growing up as a Korean adoptee on a farm in Oregon just outside of Portland, I became used to being different by standing out in a crowd or being picked on and called names for my “squinty Chinese…