Author: Yeseul Park

Yeseul Park

Yeseul Park

Chaotic and insecure, Yeseul loves not knowing what comes next. Through writing, she wants to find a way to be honest with herself and you. She works as a PR consultant in the tourism industry in Frankfurt, Germany.


Heartache at the German Ramen Restaurant

As a student, I worked at a Japanese ramen restaurant in Germany. Though I am Korean, I was exotic enough to serve as staff. My lunch shift was from noon to 2 p.m. on the day the horror struck. Th…


My Complicated Love Story With Germany

Our love affair is complicated and a bit hard to explain. I am speaking about my relationship with the country that has been my home for twenty years now – my dear Germany. It could be a movie …

Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Hesse, Deutschland, Germany. 19.10.2016 

Uebrsicht auf  Halle 3.0

Flandern und  Niederlande  sind die  Ehrengaeste der Frankfurter Buchmesse 2016.  

Flanders and Netherlands are  the Guest of Honour 2016 at the Frankfurt Book Fair

A Day in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

Stepping into the entrance hall of the Frankfurt Book Fair, I felt the busy and tense air even though it was only 9 in the morning. People seemed to be a little bit lost, nervous and eager all …