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Against Shame in Any Form

Jameela Jamil’s fight against shame in any form

It feels like we’ve reached peak social media. And somewhere while scrolling the #feminist hashtag was when I first saw TV presenter, actress and model Jameela Jamil. It was a viral video of her interview in a podcast...

A lovely workshop in Hong Kong

April Magazine’s Lovely Workshop in Hong Kong

April Magazine Team in Hong Kong About a decade ago, working in a cosmopolitan media setup would mean landing a 9 to 5 job at an established publication that would send you to travel the world and meet corporate people...

what will people say still cover

“What Will People Say:” Shattering Walls

What Will People Say (Hva Vi Folk Si) is a terrifying film based on and inspired by the horror of the life of Iram Haq, its director. The film follows main character Nisha (Maria Mozhdah), a 16-year-old Pakistani...

Can Korean startups make learning English fun?

The Korean drama “Sky Castle” makes Korean education look like a shark feeding frenzy fiercer than the original “House of Cards.” The heat is highest in the English private education scene, with...