Filipina beauty vloggers tell how they ventured onto YouTube

I remember browsing through the glossy pages of a fashion magazine just to look for pretty makeup looks to take inspiration from, imagining exactly how to recreate the look on my face. Today one tap on your screen can lead you to millions of beauty-related tutorials that can instantly turn you into a pro in just a few videos. YouTube has been everybody’s go-to know-how website and beauty is one of its most-searched categories. From how to apply false eyelashes to choosing the best shade of foundation for your skin type – it’s all there and it’s in every language you can think of!

We love how these videos help us, so we want to share the stories of the women behind these YouTube channels: two Filipina Vloggers in particular. These gorgeous ladies continuously reach out and inspire many women with their beauty videos. With a series of Q&As we were able to discover what inspired them to become beauty icons, plus as an added bonus: beauty tips for the upcoming holiday season!

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Kristine of ‘Real Asian Beauty’

Kristine Roces is a 30-year-old YouTuber from Quezon City, Philippines, who ventured to the world of beauty by sharing her exceptional talent for nail art, as well as her long journey with acne. She has inspired a lot of women, especially those who also share the same battle with acne. In fact, her channel RealAsianBeauty has reached more than 30 million total views on YouTube and is one of the most subscribed beauty channels in the Philippines.

What inspired you to start your own YouTube channel?

Before being a YouTube Creator, I was just a fan. One day in 2011, a friend of mine saw me watching YouTube with several tabs open. She told me that instead of watching people online, why don’t I just create my own videos. In all honesty, my inspiration wasn’t fame, free stuff nor money. My motivation was my passion. I wanted to share my little talent with the world. Back then my videos weren’t even that serious and it didn’t even cross my mind that people would actually watch them!

Have you ever gotten to the point wherein you feel like you want to quit YouTube? Despite these hardships, what made you push through?

To be honest, I didn’t really think of YouTube as a “job”. For me, YouTube is mainly about doing what I love. I guess, when you do what you love and you are passionate about it, quitting will never be an option.

But I would feel frustrated when I wanted to improve my skill but failed to do so. There are many hardships in making videos, too – like video editing. Filming is difficult but editing is painstaking. Editing will test your will, your determination, and your patience.

Looking back is what makes me push through. When I started on YouTube there weren’t a lot of support from the YouTube community compared to now. Back then, getting 100,000 subscribers was something you would have to work at hard for years. Whenever I look back at my journey, I always feel hyped and motivated. I feel grateful that despite being the simple, petite me, with all my flaws, I could still reach this point. I guess it’s the gratitude that keeps me here. People followed me, people subscribed to me; they watched me despite my flaws. “I simply cannot STOP and leave these people.” That’s what I always tell myself.

How different is your life today from your life before being a Youtuber?

Aside from just working at home now, one of the things that changed my life is the confidence I have gained. Now I am not afraid to show my bare face, show my acne or admit to people that I’m poor. Before YouTube, being poor was something I was ashamed of. But when I get messages like “You inspire me so much.” from places and countries only my mind could wander, I feel really overwhelmed!

Being rich, famous and beautiful were traits I wanted before YouTube, I wanted to people to see me as “flawless”. But after being open to my followers and sharing my acne journey, I realized that the more I open up to them and let them see the real me, the more confident I become.

Do you have any beauty tips for girls out there for the upcoming holiday season?

This coming holiday season, don’t forget that the best makeup tool is your happiness! When you are truly happy, it radiates and you have that “glow” no brand of skincare in the world can give you! But of course, a bit of makeup won’t hurt so I suggest wearing a bright, red lipstick to look sultry and extra festive! Check out one of Kristine’s most popular videos where she shows what happens when you apply ‘fake’ makeup on your face (so YOU don’t have to)!

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Kris of ‘Krislumagui’

Kris is a jolly 29-year-old YouTuber based in Manila, Philippines. Her YouTube channel krislumagui features travel vlogs and beauty tips and tutorials that are quite fun to watch! What’s great about her channel is that she mostly features very affordable local and drugstore brands that a lot of women find really helpful. In addition to that, she was also one of the finalists to represent the Philippines for Beauty Bound Asia, a prestigious international competition where Beauty Creators showcase their talents through their beauty videos.

What inspired you to start your own Youtube channel?

Hands down, it was Michelle Phan who inspired me to start venturing here on YouTube. She was the very first Asian Youtuber that I watched back when I was still beginning to learn more about beauty.

Did you ever want to quit YouTube? Despite these hardships, what made you push through?

Oh yeah! I have! I remember when I was about to marry this guy who I thought was the one, but the wedding got called off because his entire family found out that I was making videos online. They thought that making videos on YouTube was stupid and they didn’t want their son to marry a “stupid” girl. He wanted me to quit so we can continue our relationship but I said, “Oh Hell NO!”

(Today, Kris is happily married to someone who believes in her and supports her in her YouTube journey. One proof that the right one should let you grow and not hinder you from doing so!)

You are mostly known for your beauty-related videos, do you have any beauty tips for girls out there for the upcoming holiday season?

You better check my easy Holiday looks! (Shameless plug. Haha!). But seriously, I think the holidays should be all about that killer highlight, shimmers, glitters and a matte bold red lip.

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A lot of people may think that being a YouTube Beauty Creator is merely about putting makeup in front of the camera and posting it online, but the truth is, there’s a lot of work that comes with every video they upload. This brief Q&A with Kristine and Kris inspires us to be passionate about our craft and let no obstacle stop us from reaching our goals!

Andrea Centeno

Andrea is a beauty blogger and a makeup aficionado based in Manila, Philippines. In her blog, Shimmering Thoughts, she shares her love for K-Beauty and K-Pop through product reviews, makeup tutorials, and documents the exclusive media events she's been to.

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