10 Must-Try Beauty Brands in South East Asia

When we think of beauty brands, there is the first round of names: MAC, Chanel, Benefit, you know. Then we hear all the buzz about Asian beauty brands, namely Japanese and Korean brands like Shiseido and Laneige.

Beside these huge beauty brands around us all over the world, there are still tons of precious gems from Southeast Asian brands out there that deserve attention. Would you believe that you can get a 6-shade illuminating palette comparable to Hourglass’ Ambient highlighter from a Thai brand?! And the price tag isn’t even close to the luxury brand’s! If you want to know where to find them, keep on reading.

Ever Bilena (Philippines)

Ever Bilena’s Ultra Matte Lipstick

As a Filipina myself, I can tell you how popular Ever Bilena is here in the Philippines. I can guarantee you that almost everyone’s first makeup pouch has at least one Ever Bilena makeup product. The company carries cosmetics and fragrances that cater to different ages – all at very affordable price points. Branded lip tint that costs less than a dollar, isn’t it sweet?!

The brand’s cult favorites are their supreme ultra-rich lipsticks and pigmented blushers. Filipina blogger Eloisa of the blog Kikay Si Maria mentions how in love she is with Ever Bilena’s Supreme Lipsticks because of its rich color payoff and affordability. On top of these bestsellers, the brand is set to launch a bunch of longwear matte liquid lipsticks and blinding highlighters by August.

Cathy Doll (Thailand)

Cathy Doll products

If you love beauty brands like Etude House and Benefit Cosmetics for their irresistibly girly packaging, Cathy Doll is something that’s worth space in your cosmetics collection. Cathy Doll is a popular Thai brand that features a broad variety of products that targets Asian women’s beauty needs. From skincare to makeup products, Cathy Doll’s excellence brought it to other Southeast Asian countries like Laos, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Cathy Doll takes pride in many of their beauty products, but their award-winning AA cushion is something one should really take note of. What’s special about it is that it’s specifically formulated for people living in countries that have a hot and humid climate. It has exceptional oil-control properties, which a lot of Southeast Asian beauty lovers are very hyped about.

Wardah (Indonesia)

Wardah skincare products

Wardah is an Indonesian beauty brand that embraces more than just outer beauty. The brand’s vision does not solely focus on makeup and skincare alone but also on women’s inner being and inspiring women. Wardah has become one of Indonesia’s most popular beauty brands. On top of this, it’s the very first Halal cosmetic brand in the country. It’s a prestigious brand, but despite its premium products, they all come with very affordable price tags.

Ayni Tera is a beauty enthusiast based in Jakarta who shared her favorite beauty products from Wardah with us. She loves the brand’s toner for its gentle formula that does not irritate the skin. In addition, she also recommends Wardah’s collection of lip products because of their affordability and rich pigmentation.

SimplySiti (Malaysia)

SilmplySiti advertisement

How can one possibly forget to include a Malaysian beauty brand in this list? Did you know that there are top-notch beauty brands born in Malaysia? Many of them are featured in prestigious magazines like Marie Claire and Elle! SimplySiti is one of the country’s most popular beauty brands founded by singer Siti Nurhaliza. Just like Wardah, SimplySiti also received a Halal certification from JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia).

We couldn’t help but adore SimplySiti’s entire makeup collection but if there’s one thing that really stands out, it’s their Argan Wonder Foundation. It delivers superior hydration and nutrition thanks to its 100% organic Argan oil ingredient! It is truly something to keep your eye on if you are dealing with dry and sensitive skin.

EityEight Ver.88 (Thailand)

Eity Eight Dewy Face Glow

With over 1 million followers on their official Facebook page, there’s no doubt that the Thai beauty brand EityEight (also known as Ver. 88) is all about their pro makeup products. With their enamoring makeup tutorials posted on social media, it’s pretty easy to get your attention. Good thing the quality of their products is right there to back them up!

They do not have a broad variety of products, but they sure make each one of them notable enough. 24-year-old Peechaya, a freelance model from Bangkok is one of the many ladies that love EityEight. “My vanity kit is full of their stuff. I love their illuminating palette because it’s very much like my Ambient Highlighter from Hourglass! What’s awesome is that the palette has 6 beautiful shades too!” says Peechaya. Well, this super glowy makeup tutorial from their YouTube channel proves how gorgeous their highlighting palette is!

SILKYGIRL (Malaysia)

SILKYGIRL’s Matte Fever Lipcolor Balms

If you pay Malaysia a visit, there’s 99.9% chance that you’ll come across this beauty brand. SILKYGIRL is a humongous success in the Malaysian beauty industry and many of the brand’s products are cult favorites. This beauty brand carries a lot on their portfolio – makeup products, fragrances, brightening products, intimate wash, hair dye, and even men’s perfume! Due to its huge success, the brand has expanded to more countries, reaching Singapore, Brunei, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Beauty blogger and YouTuber Roseann raves about SILKYGIRL’s Matte Fever Lipcolor Balms. Its outstanding color payoff along with very creamy formulation is what made her love the product. If you are a lip color lover, this is another product to add to your next shopping list!

Happy Skin (Philippines)

Happy Skin Beauty and the Beast collection

Happy Skin is definitely a brand that you should hoard products from. Known for their awesome collaborations – from top blogger collabs to their Disney makeup series, Happy Skin produces special edition products that are worth collecting. Products from Happy Skin are considered mid-range to high-end. All of their products are richly infused with skin lovin’ ingredients like Japanese Tea Leaf, Cherry Blossom, Hyaluronic Acid and Argan Oil. What’s more pleasing than beauty products that make your skin happy, right?

One of the brand’s most popular collections is their Beauty & the Beast series. The Disney animation collaboration includes a brightening powder, mesh blush, and a matte lip kit. Hands down to their exquisite matte lip kit from the collection! Want to know what the hype is all about? Check out Project Vanity’s review on it.

Allies of Skin (Singapore)

Allies of Skin skincare products

Let’s be honest – Skincare, as much as how obsessing it can be, usually makes us skeptical at some point. After all, it’s not always a piece of cake to incorporate new stuff to your skincare routine. When I heard about skincare products “designed to complement all aspects of life”, I was stunned. Well, that’s some tagline, isn’t it? Allies of Skin is a one-of-a-kind skincare brand that is described as adaptogenic. Whatever your skin type is, products from the Singaporean brand Allies of Skin should very well suit your skin’s needs with its potent antioxidants and intelligent nutrients.

Apparently, I’m not the only one impressed with this unique skincare brand. Allure’s beauty editor, Sarah Kinonen, is head over heels with Allies of Skin’s 1-Day Mask too!

Panpuri (Thailand)

Precious Shower Gel

Panpuri is a well-known organic spa in Thailand that also carries 100% natural and organic skincare products. Its lavish spa has a 5-star rating on several review websites. What sets Panpuri apart is that it’s not only about the beauty products alone – it’s a type of lifestyle. Panpuri takes a traditional approach greatly influenced by ancient Thai culture. Their skincare line only features premium natural botanicals that give consumers great results and a unique skincare experience.

Viva Woman, a beauty blog based in Singapore, shares how Panpuri’s Precious Wood Shower Gel is the best shower gel she has ever used in a long time! The scent is heavenly and it truly invigorates the senses – something you’d really want your bath products to be, right?

San San (Philippines)

San San Cosmetics advertisement

San San Cosmetics is a private label under the Philippine multi-billion beauty company hbc, Inc. If you are in search of an affordable but professional makeup brand, San San is something you should try out. Its HD foundations and Age Defense Pressed Powders are genuinely remarkable. Yes, you read that right – Age Defense makeup products! San San Cosmetics is known for its collection of makeup products infused with vitamins to make sure your skin gets the superior care it needs!

Andrea Centeno

Andrea is a beauty blogger and a makeup aficionado based in Manila, Philippines. In her blog, Shimmering Thoughts, she shares her love for K-Beauty and K-Pop through product reviews, makeup tutorials, and documents the exclusive media events she's been to.

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