April Invests: better than an afternoon coffee

We think a lot about how to promote other Asian women’s projects.

So many awesome projects, businesses, and books coming up all over the world, and so few resources we have.

From small crowdfunding to help artisan grandmas in Thailand to the local fashion brand founded by a badass Filipina. The projects you would support if only you had known about them. In most cases they are much more than charity works. There are abundant compensations, too. The reward you get from crowdfunding, the products you’d buy anyway even if they don’t help anyone (simply because they are so pretty!), and the music, the joy, the warm meal on some grandma’s table. You’ll see the highest return on your investment.

Yes, investment. Investing in money for money is boring. The best investment is in people.

So here we picked some of the best items in the market (click the banner below). The list will be updated bi-monthly.


April Editors

April Editors

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