February 2018 Gift Guide

Lunar’s New Year’s Day is coming on February 16th to take us into the Year of the Dog. And a small celebration called Valentine’s Day comes a couple of days before that. Yes, February is the perfect month to treat your family, your loved one, and yourself.

The Widows of Malabar Hill (A Mystery of 1920s Bombay)

The Widows of Malabar Hill (A Mystery of 1920s Bombay)

Do you want to enjoy a dash of history, a touch of mystery, and a solid dose of cool? Sure you do.

And what better way to do that than with a crime novel inspired by India’s first female attorney, Cornelia Sorabji? Sujata Massey, the Agatha and Macavity Award-winning author of the Rei Shimura novels promises to take us on a wonderful ride with her new sleuth, Perveen Mistry, Bombay’s first female lawyer solving crimes in 1920s India.

What’s not to love? Nothing’s not to love, that’s what.


3CE Tattoo Lip Tint #YAY OR NAY

3CE Tattoo Lip Tint #YAY OR NAY

3CE is a trendy and happening Korean beauty brand by the online fashion mall Style Nanda. Style Nanda started life as one Dongdaemun girl’s online vintage shop, but now has offline stores in many Asian cities. But we’re not just suggesting the #YAY OR NAY tattoo lip tint because of Style Nanda’s story.

The lip tint has great reviews, lasts a really long time—just like the name says—and the dreadful weather of February is the perfect time to chase the grey away with this bright and happy orange color.


Metiseko Longan – Indigo Hills Dress

Metiseko Longan - Indigo Hills Dress

Metiseko is reinterpreting Vietnamese heritage with a chic take that we just love. The first thought that hit us when we saw the Longan Indigo Hills dress was, “that’s so cool.” It’s comfortable, sensual, and sophisticated—a tough trio to pull off. The shiny silk dodges the tacky train and is sharp and classy. The shape is simple and smooth enough to work as an everyday dress, not one of those pieces that will languish in your wardrobe waiting for the perfect party.

So give yourself a romantic treat with this dramatic dress.


Etude House Lucky Puppy Any Cushion Case

Etude House Lucky Puppy Any Cushion Case

The Year of the Dog is here. You want something with a dog on it and every brand is doing a dog motiff, from Starbucks to the local Mart. But for something you’d want to have with you, Etude House has made one of the best pieces for design and cuteness with their Lucky Puppy cushion cases. Just look at that Corgi (at least we think it’s a corgi?).

Because it’s a cushion foundation case you can use it for a long time just by replacing the cushion inside, and if you get bored, well—it’s not that big of an investment, after all.


For Art’s Sake ‘Skylar’ Cutout Metal Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses

For Art's Sake 'Skylar' Cutout Metal Mirror Cat Eye Sunglasses

It might seem weird to wear sunglasses in February; after all grey, cold, and wintry doesn’t exactly shout “shades!” Well, the sunglasses from For Art’s Sake have you covered for winter perfection.

They come in shades that are perfect for everyday wear in winter, while their shape is eye-catching enough to make them feel like a personal treat. And with Valentine’s coming up these sunglasses should also be the perfect way to avoid the attention of your relatives’ overly personal questions.


Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva is another cult beauty brand. Zoe Biokou created it in 2007 when she couldn’t find the perfect brush, so she made her own brand.

Zoeva is now expanding to eyeshadows a very saturated market overflowing with choice. But the Rose Golden Eyeshadow Palette just has so many shades that are both usable in everyday situations, yet also oh-so-romantic.

Also, look at the case. It takes a stone-cold heart not to feel romantic.


Acera Radiant Travel Mug

Acera Radiant Travel Mug

Acera is one of the brands we found at the Paris Maison&Objet and it’s a … travel mug.

The travel mug is a paradox. When you head to the office it’s so easy to forget, and then, if you haven’t forgotten it, once you sit down, it feels too ugly for a proper tea time.

The travel mugs from Acera are the solution. Pretty enough to take along, and cool enough to have for teatime. They have a whole series of different designs, but the Radiant is our hands-down favorite.


Rokkatei Strawberry Chocolate Set

Rokkatei Strawberry Chocolate Set

It’s easy to say, “Who cares about Valentine’s anyway?” All the marketing and advertising is going to go into overdrive, there will be chocolate flowing around in rivers, and even if you don’t like it you may be swept along for the ride.

Well, why not try something a bit more unique: strawberry chocolate. If you’re not a superfan of chocolate, you can have the Rokkatei Strawberry Chocolate for the strawberries.

And if even strawberries don’t do it for you, just look at that pretty case.


Miss Runner Princess Cut Lace Up Leggings

Miss Runner Princess Cut Lace Up Leggings

Miss Runner is a Hong Kong athletic wear brand that promotes the empowerment of women and encourages them to go more athletic.

That’s all great, but they’re not just about function: they’re also collaborating with artists to make activewear artistic and fashionable. This spring their theme is Femme League and they’re collaborating with Hong Kong female artists on their lines.

We love Miss Runner because there are so many leggings that try to be pretty but just make us uncomfortably self-conscious. Well, not Miss Runner: their lines are slick, good, confidently functional and refreshingly aesthetic.


Literary Stationery Sets: Jane Austen

Literary Stationery Sets: Jane Austen

New Year’s Day is one of the very few seasons where you will actually feel like writing and mailing an actual paper card.

Well, if you’re going to do something out of the ordinary, why not treat yourself to some out of the ordinary stationary, too? Even if you’re not British, you’ll know Jane Austen. There’s just something about Jane, symbolizing an era when writing letters was romantic. Revisit that feeling, put up your Gmail, get some good pens, and write down some beautiful words.


Casetify ‘You Are Loved’ iPhone x cases

Casetify 'You Are Loved' iPhone x cases

February. Ah. A month to rekindle relationships with family, with friends, with lovers. But with all the social and family gatherings you might end up feeling lonely and like nobody cares enough for you.

So, this case is a small reminder, something you can carry with you all the time and everywhere to remind you that you are loved, even if you are single or cannot make it to the family gathering.


Uniqlo U 100% Cotton 3D Ribbed Balloon Crew Neck Sweater

Uniqlo U 100% Cotton 3D Ribbed Balloon Crew Neck Sweater

Whenever Uniqlo reveals a new line of clothing their biggest attraction are their basics. They look simple, but we can imagine ourselves in them and feel good about it.

The perfect example of this basic with a twist is their cotton balloon crew neck sweater. The ribbed texture and the bubbly figure makes us feel warm and cozy, but also quite feminine.

That’s our gift guide for February! Have we missed something? Is there some extra gift for your puppy we should have added? Let us know!

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