Miss Runner Presents Hong Kong’s Fiercest Collection: Femme League

Sports. Exercise. Fitness. We all know how important it is to stay active, how it reduces stress and increases strength. As our mothers would say, it’s good for our health. But it’s often hard to bring ourselves to work out regularly, so every little bit of extra motivation helps. Miss Runner is a women’s activewear brand that has figured out how to bring function and fashion together in one sharp and confidence-boosting package.

Yes, yes, we’re surrounded by huge brands that promote lifestyles, that tell us to “Just do it” and that three stripes will make us faster than if we have just two stripes. But hear us out.

It’s rare to find activewear for women and made by women, and that’s where founder Tania Cheung’s touch shows. She’s a sports woman who gets women, and designs activewear for them. Her pieces are functional and made for a woman’s workout, not for male viewership. Her label, Miss Runner, is founded not just on design and style, but on empowering women with the features that make athletes actually feel comfortable and, more importantly, confident.

Tania Cheung, the founder and designer of Miss Runner, is an ex-ballerina, active yogi and avid muay thai boxer who discovered a market for indie activewear in Asia. The generic big name apparel companies did not produce sportswear that would flatter the average female body type and she says, “Miss Runner is here to serve every active women’s needs, by curating products that are tailored to their lifestyle.”

At the same time she doesn’t miss the part that actionwear is also about fashion, that’s why her label unites performance with original art creations. A rare feat.

“The pieces are integrated with activewear technology and we come together with select creatives from around the world to co-create our unique print designs. Our trendy designs can easily take your look from gym to street. As a team of badass women, we train, we achieve, we do good, we feel good,” says Tania, as she explains the goal of Miss Runner.

Tania Cheung of Miss Runner (courtesy of Honeycombers)

Miss Runner’s design process is a fusion of contemporary fine arts with sports apparel. It creates all its prints with different artists, taking some from photography, and others from abstract oil paintings, illustrations, and pop art.

When asked about her inspiration for turning original art into something accessible to everyone, Tania replies, “There has never been an easy route for young artists, especially in Hong Kong, and the rest of Asia. There is a lack of resources and opportunities, and society has not valued the importance of nurturing the creative genes of our future generations. With Miss Runner we strive to move the creative industry beyond its conventional approach and to encourage interaction, collaboration, and communication between individuals.”

The name Hong Kong conjures images of buildings and offices and concrete. It seems like a place where it’s easy to miss out on an active lifestyle, and Miss Runner fills that gap with apparels and inspiration that should also be appealing to Asian women in other megacities. The brand’s latest collection—Femme Leaguecelebrates the strength of active women; a collection that stands for self-expression as you hit the gym and smash your workouts.

“Femme League highlights the power of women. When a league of active women come together, there is nothing they can’t achieve with their willpower and dedication and practice. Together they empower each other to leap higher, lift heavier, and run further,” adds Tania.

Femme League Veronica Lace Up Leggings and Veronica Power Up Sports Bra
Audrey (https://www.theoliveyogi.co/), certified yoga teacher and nutrition coach, wearing Femme League Veronica Lace Up Leggings and Veronica Power Up Sports Bra

“I think every woman will discover their piece of Miss Runner. There is story behind each art piece we turn into prints, and every woman deserves something special and unique. The sheer mesh with racerback cut in Femme League’s sports bra enhances performance in your workout by offering extra breathability and support. The comfort and feminine cut will keep you looking sharp, from running errands to outdoor circuit training to everything in between. It’s all about finding your league,” Tania explains.

We really like the Femme League collection because it takes everything Miss Runner stands for, and then ratchets it up another notch. All the potentials of activewear, Miss Runner draws them out and presents them in an approachable and attractive package. The collaboration with Hong Kong athletes and artists creates pieces for everyone—for every woman to feel like a fierce athlete.

Good job, Miss Runner!

You can buy the Femme League collection in Miss Runner’s online shop.

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