March 2018 Spring Blossom Gift Guide

You bundle up like every morning, muffler and warm jacket, and head out to work. Something’s wrong. Are those buds on the branches? Yes, it’s March and springtime has suddenly made itself known. Winter holidays are a vague memory and summer vacation is still far away. It’s time to pat yourself on the back, to give yourself a little reward.

And if your city has no winters? Or it’s summer that’s ending? A solidarity prize won’t go awry, will it?

Here are ten + one gifts you can get yourself, or your loved one, this blossoming season.

Dressy Cover-up by Mimpikita

Go for a striking silhouette in lime-green this Spring with the relaxed style of a shirt dress. You can wear it as either a cover-up, or a dress, but either way you’ll cut a stylish swathe through your town. And the best part is, you can adapt to the swinging temperatures without sacrificing your look. The Zulkifli sisters behind this Malay fashion house keep giving us pleasant surprises. 

Black Berlin Poncho by ENAKA

Ponchos don’t really cut it in winter, but now? Totally. Oh, but black. Isn’t black so … not springtime? Nonsense. With everything blossoming, you can go for a brightly colored wardrobe to match your mood, yet stay warm on your commute or at the cafe with a poncho that won’t clash. The duo, Kevin Spalek & Richmond Bessong, of this German brand designed a universal shape and color to empower everyone through fashion, regardless of gender, age, and body type. And we get the message. 

Zoo Animal Toddler Moccasins by Bebe Bundo

Have you ever gone gaga over the cutest kid’s clothing that you cannot fit yourself into (duh)? Chance is that someone in your life (maybe you) has a child it will fit. And now is the time for the child to go and waddle in the great outdoors. Give her a comfortable first start with these super-cute, super-comfy, 100% leather moccasins. The founder, designer, maker, and mother Nadia Bakly made these with love for her own children and all the little darlings in the world. 

Jimmy Choo Mary Pumps for Off-White

Off-white, a luxury streetwear label, is on everyone’s radar these days. Jimmy Choo has been on the fashion scene for so long it’s a classic. For a lady who’s not ready for the former, and bored of the latter, their collaboration is a match made in shoe heaven. Especially if it’s for Off-White’s Princess Diana-inspired Spring 2018 collection. If you want to kick off a new season with a pair of serious pumps, these ‘Mary’ pumps crafted in Italy from lustrous grosgrain and topped with a serious bow will really make a statement. Perfect for a standout monochrome look in a colourful season.

Kindle Oasis Reader

If you follow April Magazine, you have probably noticed that we love books. What’s better than a book? Hundreds of books in your hand. With an e-reader, you can read them on the morning commute, during the coffee break, in the bathtub after work. Wait, bathtub? What if you drop it? Oh, wait a minute, the new Oasis kindle is waterproof. If you’re worried about how boring the Kindle usually looks, this one comes in a lovely champagne gold color. Now you can take thousands of waterproof novels to the spa or the seaside.

Sun Blanket Crochet Kit by Wool And The Gang

Springtime is the perfect time to level-up those hobbies, and what better than relaxing, useful, and surprisingly healthy knitting? Wool And The Gang make knitting look cooler, and build a global community of knitters with their easy (but slightly pricey) tool kit. What? You’ve knitted your socks (or gloves) during the cosy winter already? Now is crochet time. Make a sun blanket that doubles as a soft drape over a summer top. Whether staying warm or protecting your skin from the sun, this intermediate level blanket kit is a lovely fit. 

Tatcha Pore-Perfecting Moisturizer & Cleanser Duo

We mentioned the sun blanket. We’d be remiss to forget that the sun, while warm and lovely after the cold winter, is also out to get our precious skins all sticky or dry. Fight back with Tatcha’s new oil-free moisturizer and cleanser duo that purifies, hydrates, and reduces the appearance of pores. The deep cleansing gel lathers into a creamy foam, and the water cream tightens pores. 

Lego Flower Display

Who wouldn’t want some colorful flowers to welcome Spring? But the flowers last a few days only and not everyone has the time (or budget) to change them every week. Well, fear no more. Here to bring a dash of floral perfection to your office is the lego flower set—a buildable red rose, and a white and yellow daisy, with interchangeable pots. Nothing says growth and creativity like Springtime, and hardly any toy is as creative as Lego. So when a Lego box reads 7+, we know we’re invited no matter how old we are! A small, plastic perfect treat you can give yourself.

Prynt Pocket, Instant Photo Printer for iPhone

Instagram’s iconic icon was modelled after the old polaroid camera. You know, the one that created instant photo prints? Well, now you can bring that to your iPhone. Take those gorgeous photos you took (#nofilter) and put them to paper.

Bobbi Brown Capri Nudes Eye Shadow Palette

You may love or just like Bobbi Brown, but you gotta admit that they make a hell of an eye shadow palette almost every season. This one has the perfect combination for daily use, but a hint of romance with Capri inspired colors. Your summer vacation is really far away, but you can bring a little hint of summertime romance to your busy springtime already. And it’s a limited edition. 

Bonus: Me Luna Menstrual Cup

Recently the menstrual hygiene issue in several countries has been making the news. Last year in S.Korea, the country was shocked by news that some school girls couldn’t afford sanitary pads and used shoe soles instead. Since then menstrual cups have been a hot topic in Korea, with many women discovering the comfort and convenience of the product. One of our editors used it and “discovered a brave new world.” The kind souls in Wirecutter tested 18 different cups and chose MeLuna Classic as the best one for first-timers. 

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