K-Pop Inspired Makeup Looks to Wear this Spring

Spring is here and this peachy pink-hued season paints the air with euphoria and romance. One great way to match this romantic vibe is to flaunt makeup looks that are both trendy and wearable. This time we will have some female K-Pop stars to inspire us with the beauty trends they donned for their photo shoots and promotions.

I know what you’re thinking—wearable K-Pop makeup?! Well, it’s understandable. Most of us swiftly associate K-Pop makeup with heavy black eyeliners and eyeshadows filled with glitter glory. However, we really sifted through the most gorgeous and romantic K-Pop makeup looks that everyone can totally wear this spring season. Some of these K-Pop inspired makeup looks will only require two or three makeup products to achieve!

The Drunk Blush

Believe it or not, it’s a thing and this makeup trend is about to conquer spring! Yes, it’s that flush you get when you’re on your 2nd bottle of soju. The only difference with drunk blush makeup is that you can achieve this sans alcoholic beverage—just use a soft cherry-colored blusher!

Wendy of Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s Wendy perfectly donned the drunk blush makeup look for the group’s promotions last year. Her rosy cheeks gave her a very youthful vibe that’s truly perfect for spring. The key to the look is to use a blusher that features a reddish undertone and apply it on the broader areas of your cheeks. Build the pigment up right beneath your eyes, then to the cheeks, and have the color run over your nose. The beauty of this makeup trend is that it looks gorgeous on its own. There’s no need to pair it up with dramatic eye makeup and bold lips!  

Glossy Glass Skin

Flawless, dewy skin has been K-Pop’s signature makeup look for years. I personally find this K-beauty look immensely enticing thanks to Korean celebrities epitomizing that fresh, healthy and hydrated face makeup look. For this year, makeup artists and beauty gurus took a whole new spin to it by coming up with Glass Skin. This makeup inspiration from Taeyeon’s “Make Me Love You” music video is a very pretty take on it.

Taeyeon from “Make Me Love You” music video

More skincare, less makeup. Glass Skin involves a series of skincare steps such as exfoliating, applying serum, moisture cream and face mask prior to wearing makeup. The goal is to free the skin from roughness caused by dead skin cells and amplify the skin’s moisture levels for a plump surface. For this makeup look, you will be skipping heavy-duty foundations and concealers. All you need is a tinted moisturizer mixed with a pearlescent liquid highlighter to bring glass-like radiance to your skin.

Apricot Under Eye Shadow

Let’s give pink a rest this spring season. Get ready to be a bit more experimental with your spring color palette and get the spotlight on apricot orange. When I first saw Hani’s eye makeup during EXID’s Sinchon Fansign event, I was in awe on how the mix of red orange colors on her eyes turned out. Having that bright apricot shade run through the under eyes may seem a bit intimidating, but it beautifully complements the colors of spring. Apparently, it also brings out the natural color of your eyes!

Hani of EXID

No matte eyeshadows for this one, just shimmers! The shimmers will add dimension to the whole look, as it attracts the light for a glistening copper finish. You can pair it with red bitten lips and a flush of drunk blush. Now slip on your gorgeous floral dress and you’re ready to head out for a spring picnic!

Dolly Bottom Eyelashes

If you’re not into color eyeshadows that much, then this spring makeup trend is for you. You can absolutely prettify your eyes just by defining your bottom lashes! You can take inspiration from this dolly eye makeup look that Irene of Red Velvet wore for their “Perfect Velvet” promotions.

Irene of Red Velvet

Using false lower lashes for this look is an option, but not entirely necessary. To define the lower lashes, use a lengthening and volumizing mascara and apply two to three coats of it. If you want to add more depth to your lower lashes, one trick to make them look fuller is to draw faux strands of bottom lashes using a dark brown fine tip eyeliner pen.

Bitten Coral Lips with a bit of Sheen

Bitten lips are wearable all year round. With this lip makeup looking really soft and subtle, nothing can ever go wrong wearing it under the wonderful spring weather.


Singer-songwriter and hip hop artist Heize is known for her strong and edgy image. Flaunting dramatic jet-black liners and bold red lips is her usual go-to, but after long hours of exploring her music videos and magazine shoots, one makeup look really stood out because it screams springtime. She used a coral tint that features a moisturizing formula for a bit of sheen. The color is applied on the center of the lips and then slightly blended outwards to achieve a gradient finish that softens the look.

Straight, Barely There Brows

Heavily-drawn Instagram brows are so last year! It’s high time you let your natural brows fluoresce in their true glory by keeping your brow makeup minimal. Doing this only requires three makeup products—a spoolie brush to groom brow hairs, brow powder to fill in the gaps, and a clear brow gel to set.

IU from her 2018 calendar shoot

As spring makeup is all about keeping it subtle and simple, IU’s brow makeup for her 2018 calendar shoot makes a perfect match. She kept her brows straight without excessively defining their shape and arch. Straight, barely there brows can help draw balance to your makeup look if ever you choose to go for dramatic eyes or feisty colored lips.

Brown Gel Liner and Mascara Duo

We all know how black gel liners and mascaras are everyone’s beauty staple. For this year’s spring, we will have to ditch them for a second and transition to their softer brown versions.

I’m 100% sure you’ll be enamored by Suhyun’s charming look in this makeup tutorial she uploaded to her official YouTube channel. Using a brown gel liner and mascara to add definition to the eyes is ideal, especially for monolids. Brown is not as harsh as black, so it gives the eyes a more natural approach in terms of shape enhancement.

Golden Lids

Gold makes everything look luxurious and this applies even to your eyelids! Pink, peach and orange are the spring’s most beloved hues and to blend them with champagne gold would totally amplify your springtime aura.

Solar of Mamamoo

Solar of the girl group Mamamoo is going to have her first ever solo concert this April. When photos for her spring concert promotions dropped, I couldn’t get enough of her dreamy photoset! Her golden eyeshadow truly stood out, without looking overly dramatic. It’s absolutely wearable and is also quite a piece of cake to achieve. It only requires a dab of golden eyeshadow on the center of the lids and you’re ready to flaunt it!

See? K-Pop makeup is not limited to the glitterati. There’s no need for extra special occasions for you to wear these beauty trends! Thank goodness, these stunning female K-Pop stars also know how to flaunt makeup looks that we can wear comfortably this spring.

Spring is a season that’s too short, but sweet. As the flowers go in full bloom, feel free to try these K-Pop inspired makeup looks to match this season’s blissful atmosphere. Have you already spotted a favorite?

Andrea Centeno

Andrea is a beauty blogger and a makeup aficionado based in Manila, Philippines. In her blog, Shimmering Thoughts, she shares her love for K-Beauty and K-Pop through product reviews, makeup tutorials, and documents the exclusive media events she's been to.

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