Asian beauty bloggers share creative beauty hacks (that you’ve never heard of)

Asian beauty bloggers

Us beauty bloggers cannot help popping up beauty-related topics in casual conversation. A question like, “What lipstick are you wearing?” is an easy icebreaker and convenient way to find instant soul sisters. We learn not only about what’s the latest on the beauty scene, but also useful hacks for a beauty routine. Such things are intimate, so some of the hacks can get pretty weird (if surprisingly effective!) and many of us are hearing them for the first time.

Shampoo to clean the inner rims of your eyes? Oh yes!

Bing Castro is a Filipina beauty Youtuber and makeup artist that has mad makeup skills. She works with neon eyeshadows and extreme glitters without looking like a flaring disco ball! Bing’s makeup style is more on the red carpet glam side, so it usually involves heavy eye makeup. By donning layers of makeup, she faces two challenges—smudged eyeliner and irritated eyes.

“I always do the tightlining technique to define my eyes. As the inner rims of our eyes are somewhat damp, it’s always a struggle to make eyeliners last. To make the color more intense and longer-lasting, I dip a regular eye pencil into a gel liner pot then use it to tightline the eyes. It’s easier to work with too!”

Bing also shared how her eyes tend to be very dry and irritated at times, and it is most likely due to the different types of eye makeup she uses on a regular basis.

One of the attendees of a makeup workshop she conducted happened to be an optometrist and this is where Bing learned this unique eye hygiene tip:

“I was told that the inner rims of our eyes have extremely tiny pores that tend to get clogged with makeup. No wonder why my eyes feel so dry most of the time! To prevent that, she (the optometrist) told me to mix a no-tears baby shampoo with water in a 1:1 ratio and use this solution to clean my eyelids. I tried it using a q-tip then rinsed it off with warm water. It really sounded crazy but it felt superbly refreshing!”

I freaked out a bit after Bing told me this one! But after doing my own research, I learned that a number of eye experts actually recommend doing this regularly.

Goodbye, $30 makeup brush cleaners

Beauty bloggers receive a ton of different products as PR kits. As their Instagram feeds are usually loaded with product flat lays, most people find it easy to assume that bloggers only go for the pricier options. Well, popular vlogger and K-Beauty maven Joan Kim thinks otherwise, as she shares this very practical beauty hack that allows you to deep cleanse your makeup brushes … using a rice scooper!

The sight of a rice scooper on Joan’s bathroom counter totally puzzled many of her friends! She then revealed that it’s a great alternative to branded brush cleaners that usually range from $15 to $30.

Gen-zel Habab, another beauty Youtuber based in Manila, also prefers a cheaper (and rather atypical) brush cleaner alternative. Gen-zel is a dog-lover, just like me, so her shopping routine includes new stuff for her furry baby. This led her to discover this beauty hack she shared with me during our chat.

“I use a dog shower hair brush for deep cleaning my makeup brushes. It’s cheaper, faster and more effective! Its denser rubber bristles, along with an antibacterial body soap, do the magic of freeing your makeup brushes from dirt and germs. Oh, don’t worry, I use a separate brush for my pet, Chuchai!”

Gen-zel Habab - Manila based beauty youtuber shares her brush cleaning hack
Gen-zel Habab shares her brush cleaning hack

Amplifying the effects of your favorite skincare products

Have you heard of this famous 7-step method of applying toners to achieve clear, dewy skin? Jamie Tan, a beauty influencer based in Singapore, applies the same principle when it comes to facial serums.

“I usually layer two to four serums depending on my current skin condition. I generally like to pick lighter serums with a watery texture or a water-based, then work my way to thicker textures! After this, I finish my skincare routine with facial oil or moisturizing cream. Remember to always make sure that each layer of serum is fully absorbed before moving onto the next one!”

The process is sure extra involved, but Jamie’s no-filter selfies on her Instagram account are concrete proof that the serum-layering technique works wonders!

Erna Limdaugh is an Indonesian-Chinese beauty vlogger who is currently based in Seoul, South Korea. Her KPOP-inspired makeup tutorials drew me into her Youtube channel and from there, I discovered a number of videos detailing the process of her skincare routine.

Most people categorize sheet masks as ‘special care’ products, which practically translates to ‘something you’re not required to use everyday’. Erna, on the other hand, believes differently, as she thinks the efficiency of sheet masks is something that we should definitely take advantage of.

Erna Limdaugh doing her face sheet mask skincare routine
Erna Limdaugh doing her face sheet mask skincare routine

“One of my secrets for glowing and brighter skin is that I use a sheet mask everyday prior to using my skincare products at night. It helps my skin absorb the products better.”

She also adds, “It is also really important to take care of the skin around the neck. Since the skin around the neck area is thinner, I try not to rub it too much. To create less friction, I use a damp sponge when applying my sunblock and moisture cream on my neck instead of using my hands.”

You may or may not have heard about these beauty hacks, but even if you have, these talented ladies should definitely land in your ‘Following’ list. Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast, or simply someone exploring your makeup and skincare options, go check out these girls’ social media accounts and learn more.

Andrea Centeno

Andrea is a beauty blogger and a makeup aficionado based in Manila, Philippines. In her blog, Shimmering Thoughts, she shares her love for K-Beauty and K-Pop through product reviews, makeup tutorials, and documents the exclusive media events she's been to.

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