#MeToo in Mongolia, GM with female CFO and CEO (18/06/18)

MeToo reaches Mongolia
Photo source: Deglee Degi, Unsplash

#MeToo movement rises in Mongolia

A 32-year-old woman is fighting against a powerful politician who allegedly raped her sister, signaling the rise of the #MeToo movement in Mongolia, The Guardian reported.

Saranzaya Chambuu, sister of Naranzaya Chambuu, publicly accused a ruling party member, Gantulga Dorjdugar, of raping her sister a year ago. Dorjdugar is now under investigation.

Saranzaya, 32, is one of a small, yet growin, group of women fighting against pervasive sexual violence in the country where legal protection for victims is weak while a victim-blaming culture remains prevalent.

GM will have female CFO and CEO

The American automaker has been led by Mary Barra since 2014 and the company will promote Dhivya Suryadevara to chief financial officer, CNN Money reported.

Suryadevara, 38, joined General Motors in 2005, and has been vice president of corporate finance since July 2017, according to the report.

Only 23 companies in the Fortune 500 have a female CEO. Hershey is the only other company on that list to also have both a woman CEO and CFO.

Starbucks’s second-largest store opens in Bangkok

Starbucks opened its second-largest store worldwide in a shopping complex in Bangkok. The largest store is in Shanghai.

Bedecked with local artists’ paintings and interior design showcasing motifs of Thai botanical vines and florals, the Starbucks Thailand store introduced Starbucks Draft, serving coffees and teas on tap.

Yewon Kang

Yewon is a Seoul-based editor of April Magazine. She believes that “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people.”

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