We share: our readers’ beautiful romantic moments

Sharing an umbrella in the rain

Our readers share the beautiful details of their most romantic moments (June Giveaway Entries)

Many of our dear friends and readers here at April Magazine are familiar with our monthly giveaways. We love to have a more personal connection with our audience, so as part of our giveaways we ask questions that tap a little space in the heart. In June we asked participants to share their most romantic moments. The comment section had us blushing and we decided to share this sweet feeling with you, too! We compiled some of our participants’ most romantic moments, which will surely get a soft chuckle out of you.

Note: the stories were proofread, and lightly edited for clarity and length. —Editor

An umbrella in the rain

“The most romantic moment I have experienced in my life was sharing an umbrella with a Singaporean stranger for a few minutes under the rain. I was rushing to school that day.” —Maj Deejan

Books on a train

“In 2014, I took a train to Chiang Mai, Thailand, a day before my birthday. I was reading Gone Girl on the train, when, a few minutes before departure, a guy who was also holding a book sat down across from me. A few minutes later, he asked me what I was reading and we ended up talking for the entire 12-hour ride.

When we arrived in Chiang Mai, he offered to show me around. He rented a motorbike and we went to a waterfall, an elephant sanctuary, and ended up in an Irish pub where he asked everybody to sing me a happy birthday. It was my most memorable birthday ever. I had to leave the next day and though we kept in touch briefly, I never saw him again.” —Dianne Mendoza

Rings and heart-shaped donuts.

Heart-shaped donut

“Mine happened around 7-8 years ago with my then boyfriend. I was working as an ER Nurse back then and had had a crazy shift that day, when all of a sudden, a few of our doctors and other colleagues came inside the room as I was finishing my chart. They were all eating donuts and kept asking me if I wanted one. Who wouldn’t love some sweets after a very toxic shift, right? So, of course, I said yes. They told me there was a guy outside giving free J. Co donuts to everyone.

I hurried out and there he was, my boyfriend (now ex-boyfriend) waiting for me to get my heart-shaped donut with a ring on top of it. It wasn’t an engagement ring, by the way. And he cheated on me years after, but still, it was a good memory.” —Jeryll Sorronda

Put my head on his shoulder

“I read this post weeks ago, but hadn’t commented yet. Better late than never!

It was with someone whom I can’t tag here anymore. When my ex and I were at their place. We didn’t have a candlelit dinner, but a home-prepped one. Then, we decided to dance. While staring at me, he sang, “Put Your Head on My Shoulder.”

Damn. I loved every single second of it. I loved the way he looked at me that night, as though it was the first time. I loved how he smiled at me and laughed with me, like we’re going to do it over and over again till we run out of time. I loved the feeling of him hugging me, as if he wouldn’t let go … but he did.

That intimate romantic moment is now a bittersweet memory.” —Ann

Shooting stars

“My most romantic moment was probably watching the stars with someone, and a shooting star passed by.” —Friska Juanita Riyadi

Her mix-tape playlist

“My most romantic moment so far was when someone created a playlist full of songs that reminded her of me. They were slow, full of love, and songs that just makes you want to cuddle up to someone. Effort just seems a lot more romantic when it comes from the person you love, right?” —Clarisse Ivy Tepora


Shooting stars and mix tapes make for romance

Alright, take some time to compose yourself because we know these brief but extremely sweet stories made your heart flutter!

All of us can simply relate to romance, and sometimes, it’s best on the spur of the moment. If there’s one thing we learned from these beautiful comments, it is that the beauty of romance lies in who we share it with. It may be a lover, an ex-lover, or even a stranger. What matters is that inexplicable glee we genuinely felt at that specific moment in time—sweet memories nobody in this world can ever take away.

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