Beauty Gifts for our Beautiful Earth

Beauty Gifts for our Beautiful Earth (July Gift Guide)

Our Mother Earth needs more love! We’re ever more aware of our surroundings and we’re trying to do every little thing to help preserve the environment. A perfect way we can show our love for our beautiful earth is by turning to eco-friendly options when it comes to our personal care product choices. For beauty lovers out there, opting for cosmetic products that feature sustainable ingredients is like giving our Mother Earth a warm hug.

Ready to hop onto the ‘green is the new black’ beauty bandwagon? Then here’s our earth-loving July beauty gift guide to get you started.

Ira Eco Tube Lip Balm (Peach)

Luscious peaches to protect your lips this summer? Sounds like a delectable beauty treat!

When we asked beauty enthusiasts on Facebook to share their favorite eco-friendly beauty brands, a lot of them mentioned Ira Natural’s lip balms (followed by a series of heart emojis). Their lip balms are enriched with pure natural ingredients that are highly beneficial to the skin, such as Macadamia Seed Oil, Peach Extract, and Shea Butter. Ira Natural is a Thai brand that features 100% natural components and is also Halal certified. A glance at its eco-paper tube packaging already says a lot about their earth-loving vision!

Speak Skin Rose Quartz Roller + Prickly Pear Seed Oil

Speak Skin Rose Quartz Roller

Truth, Love and Respect—home-grown Malaysian beauty brand ‘Speak’ upholds these values for every single product they produce. With a mission of respecting people’s health and our environment, they use natural ingredients, cruelty-free procedures, and bio-friendly packaging for their products.

Speak Skin’s Rose Quartz roller is worth the splurge. It follows the principle of ancient oriental medicine, using the energy and temperature of the stone to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid and reduce stress in the skin. Pair it with their Prickly Pear Seed Oil from Morocco and you’ll absolutely enjoy a rejuvenating ‘me time’ session. Also, we’re partnering with Speak Skin for a giveaway this month, so make sure you’re following us on Facebook!

Klarity Acacia Duo Cleanse and Acne Care Mask

Klarity Acacia Duo Cleanse and Acne Care Mask

As the summer heat kicks in skin becomes more sensitive to humidity and pollution. As the body produces sweat and sebum like crazy, the skin becomes an easy target for acne.

So to beat that summer muddle we thought of including this acne fighter on our list. Klarity’s Acacia Duo Cleanse and Acne Care Mask is specifically formulated with premium-sourced natural ingredients that feature purifying properties. It’s an exfoliator, deep cleanser, makeup remover and nourishing mask in one! Oh, and have we mentioned that Klarity is the very first Halal certified beauty brand in Singapore? Awesome, right?

Ellana Cosmetics Lip in Luxe Matte Liquid Lipstick

ellana minerals lip in luxe matte liquid lipstick

We talked about lip balms earlier, now let’s dig into Ellana Cosmetics’ great deal, full of bold and gorgeous colors! With names like ‘Love is Noble’ and ‘Love is Patient’,  the collection is easily a gift-worthy item. This summer, go for the warm peach shade called ‘Love is Devotion’ to match this season’s tropical beauty.

Ellana is the leading mineral makeup brand in the Philippines and only produces beauty products that are 100% organic and vegan.

Ruhaku SPF 50+ UV Body Veil

Ruhaku UV Veil - Vogue Japan

Summer or not, UV lotions should always be a part of your beauty staple. SPF 35 should suffice in terms of daily wear, but say you’re about to hit the beach, you’ll need better sun protection—like what Ruhaku’s SPF 50+ UV Body Veil has to offer. We love its very minimal packaging as it truly gives a neat and classy feel.

It is lightweight, thanks to its watery, quick-absorbing texture, and it is made from purely organic ingredients sourced from Okinawa, Japan. Additionally, all the products from Ruhaku have an Ecocert certification, which means its ‘organic’ tag is regulated and based on global standards.

Innisfree My To Go Cushion

What’s a beauty gift guide list without phenomenal cushion foundations! And since we’re talking about cushions and our theme centers on our beautiful earth, we must think of Korean brand, Innisfree. If you’re confused by the number of cushions they offer, we recommend you start with their new My To Go Cushion. It offers decent coverage and has a unique blending plate that allows seamless application. Interesting, right?

Innisfree uses premium natural ingredients sourced from the beautiful island of Jeju. As the brand genuinely believes in the importance of reducing our carbon footprints, they only house their products in eco-friendly containers.

Human Nature Hair Revival Coco Mask

Human Nature Hair Revival Coco Mask

Have you ever experienced the frustration of brushing your hair only to find the bristles stuck right in among the nasty tangles? Ouch! Well, we might have just found a new hair hero in town. The beauty of Human Nature’s Hair Revival Coco Mask is its key ingredient—Virgin Coconut Oil. Oh, we’re sure a lot of us know the wonders of coconut oil in beautifying hair!

Just by looking at the brand’s name, you can already tell what the company promotes. But besides Human Nature’s earth-loving values, the Philippine brand also uplifts the Filipino community, providing jobs to the poor and sourcing their ingredients from local farmers.

With My Toothpaste

With My Organic Toothpaste

We have to admit that its brand name is a bit confusing. However, the sole product that the brand carries is simpler than you think—a lemonade-flavored toothpaste. That’s it! With My’s toothpaste is cruelty-free, fluoride-free, and vegan. So what’s so special about it? Here’s the awesome part: it gives back 10% of its profits to children’s oral care organizations for every toothpaste sold. How fulfilling is it to know that you’re also helping someone out there just by buying a toothpaste?

Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence

Whamisa Organic Flowers Eye Essence

Dealing with dark circles and puffy eyebags has always been a nerve-wracking struggle. You can blame it on stress from work or that depressing Korean drama you binge-watched last night. Fortunately, there are tons of eye care products out there to relieve us from this dilemma. An eco-friendly eye care option is Organic Flowers Eye Essence from Korean brand Whamisa. It also features organic ingredients, including Licorice Root and Murumuru Butter to brighten the eye area and improve firmness. Not only does this eye essence take good care of your eyes, its dainty floral packaging is so gift-worthy, too!

That wraps up our beauty gift guide dedicated to our beautiful earth. Isn’t it wonderful to treat yourself (or a friend) with these gifts knowing that you’re also giving back to Mother Earth?

Andrea Centeno

Andrea is a beauty blogger and a makeup aficionado based in Manila, Philippines. In her blog, Shimmering Thoughts, she shares her love for K-Beauty and K-Pop through product reviews, makeup tutorials, and documents the exclusive media events she's been to.

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