We share: “Today I am proud of myself”

It feels like the weight of four years has lifted off my back
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We compiled our readers’ proudest moments to celebrate each and everyone (July Giveaway Entries)

All of us have been through ups and downs, good and bad times in our lives, but the most important lesson here is: remember to rise up every single time and just have fun! So if last month’s giveaway entries made you blush from all the love and romance going around, this time we had our readers answer the question, “When do you feel most proud of who you are? Here are some of their most vulnerable and awe-inspiring stories shared with you all.

Note: the stories were proofread, and lightly edited for clarity and length. —Editor

Walking out the door

“Right now, one really comes to mind because it’s one of the biggest decisions I made lately. I want to say I’m so proud for being able to finally leave an abusive relationship of 4 years. It was rotting me inside out, but I was finally able to stand up for myself. I felt strong, empowered and, for the first time in four years, I finally realized that I should love myself more. It took me so much strength to do it, buckets of tears were shed, countless visits to therapy and all but letting that 4-year-old weight off my shoulder set me free. I am more than proud of what I did and for who I am. Nobody can tell me otherwise.” —Melissa Mae Sarmiento

School is my second home

“As a teacher, I feel the proudest when I get to teach valuable lessons to my students. School is not just about teaching what’s in the book but also teaching them the values and rules of survival of the outside world. I feel like a proud parent when they become successful.” —Paula Panlaqui

I still manage to get up and face the world.

Rainbow & sunshine after rain

“When I have dark clouds over my head but still manage to get up and face the world.” —Jecka Snow

Always love yourself first

“When I’m honest with myself and take good care of myself. This is something I’m practicing and learning and not always doing. When you’re a giver, sometimes it’s easy to overlook yourself, and I do this quite frequently; but I’ve started to treat myself with honesty, mental care, physical care, and self-love.” —@theinnovativemom

I am beautiful inside & out

“When I can show my natural face to other people. I’ve learned to be a happy and confident person physically and mentally because there’s nothing wrong with being natural. Especially when you accept your imperfections in life or in yourself.” —@zizzlee

Sticks and stones won’t break my bones

“When I am doing what’s right even when nobody’s watching, even when nobody’s doing it, and even if I end up doing it alone. Standing firm on what’s right and what I believe in even if the world turns its back on me.” —@debzlavs

Let the light shine on me

“When people around me, such as my family and friends, are happy and proud of me as well! My achievements and hard work are for them. It feels so glad to be appreciated. Plus, I would not do great without them by my side.” —@alyssa.wee

Best of wives & best of women

“I feel most proud of being a single parent. At the age of 20, I never imagined or planned to be a mother, because I really enjoyed being single at that time. When I first saw my son I was relieved that I had delivered him safe and sound, but to be honest, I was so afraid. At such a young age I learned that you need patience, a lot of patience. I am proud of myself because, despite challenges in life, I stood tall and held my head high to prove that I could do anything for my family. And I don’t regret anything.” —@shylleness

Every day, I am thankful to God for giving me this wonderful life. It may not be perfect, but I know this is the best for me.

A heart of gold

“Every day, I am thankful to God for giving me this wonderful life. It may not be perfect, but I know this is the best for me. I am proud of myself because I don’t let other people’s opinions dictate my decisions in life. I just stay true to myself, and I am not here on earth to please other people anyway. Making others happy and helping them feel better. I feel proud since I know I could make a difference and make another soul happier.” —@jacquelynsangalang

Now, have you realized how common our personal daily struggles are and that we aren’t alone in experiencing them? We all have moments of joy and moments of anxiety, winning and losing, but everyone shares those feelings in different ways. So hold your head up and be proud you’re still here. Don’t be too hard on yourself and celebrate the little things. Be kinder. As corny as it sounds, we’re all so proud of you and may you continue to bring forth light around!

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