April Ladies Talk: About Crazy Rich Asians

April Magazine is full of good articles. But sometimes we are tired of reading…anything. We just want to listen to a podcast, a.k.a. the radio of millennials, while we commute, cook, bath, or just chillax.


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So April Magazine made a podcast. To add more voices and expertise we’ve teamed up with Project Voice, an already established (and awesome) podcast for Asian American women and other women of the Asian diaspora. For four monthly episodes starting this month, Youjin Lee, the editor in chief of April Magazine, and Jessica Nguyen, the host of Project Voice, will talk about cultural topics that are spectacularly interesting to Asian women all over the world.

Why these two talking heads? They are part of April Ladies, a Facebook group for anyone interested in empowering Asian women and improving April Magazine (if you’re not a member yet, join now. It’s free). And Youjin, a Korean-Korean woman, and Jessica, a Vietnamese-American woman, can bring two different views of Asian women in Asia and Asian women in the diaspora.

First topic? The topic of this year: Crazy Rich Asians. And of course, media representation, film culture, and whether we like Crazy Rich Asians or not.

How to listen? It’s as easy as turning on the radio. Just follow us on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Overcast, RadioPublic.

If you have any comments, let us know on our podcast channels or on any of our social media. We’re excited finally to ‘speak’ to you. Naturally, we’d love to hear from you as well.

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