Haya Zarrin: The Pakistani Beauty Creative Making MYTHical Lipsticks

Jewelry and beauty go along, at least on the ground floors of posh department stores. It’s hard, however, to imagine the genuine similarity of both other than our adoration. Lipsticks are soft and warm, gemstones are sharp and cold. Think from the perspective of a woman who wears them. As a crystal is formed slowly but steadily under heat and pressure to reveal the sparkle inside, a woman chooses her color, the image she wants to portray to the world and wears her lipstick like armor, revealing her sparkle under the pressure of everyone around, judging her. And they are both pretty.

Crystals and colors are two of the core instruments that inspired Pakistani beauty enthusiast Haya Zarrin to bring her creations to life. In her collection of Geode lipsticks under the brand she founded, MYTH Cosmetics, she embroiders not just a unique array of mythical colors, but also a touch of her Pakistani roots. Pakistan’s rich culture sparkles in each of Haya’s lipstick creations – from the crystal-cut design to the shade names. I had the opportunity to interview Haya about the creative and cultural inspirations behind MYTH and she gladly shared her story with us.


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Myth Cosmetics ™(@myth_cosmetics)님의 공유 게시물님,

What started your fascination with crystals and what inspired you to turn this idea into your collection of spellbinding lipstick shades?

At first, I never understood why people are fascinated with crystals – until I connected with one. It was my mom’s rose quartz crystal. She is definitely the reason behind my crystal obsession. The incredible variety of colors, compositions and metaphysical properties of these magical little objects spoke to me on a personal level as a makeup artist and brand creator. My idea was to combine the creative forces of beauty & crystals together to constantly innovate.

As a beauty enthusiast and entrepreneur, what does your unique lipstick line mean to you?

To me, this is all about the art of creation! Every element in the Geode collection has layers of symbolism and meaning behind it. I’d like to think that I am the beauty equivalent of Willy Wonka in terms of infusing unique stories to my creations.


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Myth Cosmetics ™(@myth_cosmetics)님의 공유 게시물님,

In the beauty industry where Western and East Asian brands conquer, why do you think Pakistani beauty brands also deserve the spotlight?

I really believe that the spotlight is reserved for brands that bring a unique voice to the table. As a Pakistani beauty brand, we are so proud to be supported by incredible makeup artists, celebrities & influencers from around the world. MYTH comes together under one beauty mission regardless of where you are from – to create art from the heart! In this sea of makeup, I believe MYTH stands out because I go a step further when exploring the color stories, designs & intentions behind each idea that crosses my path.

What’s your personal favorite shade from your line? Please share us the story behind it.

‘Siren Song’ is my favorite shade in our collection. Initially, we were going to name it “Snake Stone” but I decided to change the name after I found a magical Rainbow Quartz in a small locally owned crystal shop called ‘Earth Songs’. I spent so much time in that tiny store learning about crystals – it has a very special place in my heart!


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Myth Cosmetics ™(@myth_cosmetics)님의 공유 게시물님,

For Haya, MYTH Cosmetics is a mean of self-expression and innovation. Her passion for makeup and crystals serves as an ode to her rich Pakistani heritage through every lipstick she created. Haya believes that one can find beauty in life’s everyday struggles and ultimately come on top in all her vibrant glory – just like how crystals are formed.

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