April Ladies Talk: About Asian Beauty Trends

Are you beautiful? Kudos to you if you say ‘Yes!’ If you mumbled something inaudible, it’s ok, we all sometimes just need a comforting chat with some hot cocoa. Most of us, wherever we are, fall somewhere in the middle. Sometimes we feel pretty, sometimes we hate every mirror as well as ourselves for succumbing to the beauty standard.

Globally, as the purchasing power of Asian women (in & out of Asia) grows, Asian women’s beauty is talked about more than ever. K-Beauty is already too mainstream to be news and innovative startups from South East Asian countries are getting ready to crowd onto the scene. Meanwhile, a new trend pops up every season, from mythical 12-step skincare to MLBB.

So, we invited once again our own editor-in-chief Youjin from S. Korea and Project Voice host Jessica from the U.S.A. to discuss what beauty standards mean to Asian women and what we really think about beauty trends. To add more voices, this time we also invited several pioneers of the Asian beauty scene: women who run their own beauty brands: Ashley Yeen of CS12 (Malaysia), Nisa Zulkifli of Speak Skin Beauty (Malaysia), Thanida Dol of Ira (Thailand), and Kate Tran of BareSoul Cosme (Vietnam).

How to listen? It’s as easy as turning on the radio. Just follow us on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Overcast, and RadioPublic.

If you have any comments, let us know on our podcast channels or on any of our social media. We’re excited to finally ‘speak’ to you. Naturally, we’d love to hear from you as well.

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