April Closing Statement

April Signing Off

We’re going into indefinite suspension. Farewell, dear readers.

Dear April Ladies,

We didn’t think we would be this quiet this long. But we have been.
2019 was a year of many adjustments for all of us at April Magazine. We started up in 2017 to raise the actual voices of Asian women. Sometimes we failed, often we succeeded, and throughout we learned a lot.

However, running any startup is a cross between a juggling act and a game of chicken. We were working to build our platform, broaden our audience, stay true to our brand, produce content, and become financially viable all at once. This is a hard challenge in any field. In the media, in the age of powerful platforms like Facebook and Google, even more so.

At the end of 2018, with our financial runway running out, we faced a hard choice. We could go the sponsored media route and accept all the compromises corporate ownership brings, or we could suspend operations and go into hibernation until we found a different solution.

We chose the second.

Unfortunately, after a year, we have no choice but to make that suspension indefinite. We’re leaving the stories and voices up, and hope they will continue to inspire new Asian voices to speak out and change the world.

We thank you, our dear April ladies, for your kindness and bravery. We are sure you will go on and do things great and small. On those journeys we wish you all the best, all the strength, all the achievements.

Farewell, dear readers. You have enriched our lives, we hope we have done the same for you.

—April Editors, February 2020

Chief Editor

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