Video changed the movie star and the films coming to screens big and small are changing—and we are cheering that change. We celebrate videos that headline or feature noteworthy Asian women characters. Whether a local YouTube phenomenon or an earth-shaking blockbuster, let’s see what’s happening.

The games we play: ‘Think of the Children!’

<Dilute’s Game Review> in Pinch is a monthly review on a noteworthy game on Steam based on actual playing experience. What the Game is About Parents are called to court. They must prove to the prosecutor and judge...

Chinese Burn is not the sitcom we wanted. Facepalm.

I’m not feeling the “Chinese Burn”

“Chinese girls, sweet and submissive Chinese girls,” the narrator says in the introduction of the newly released BBC show, “Chinese Burn”. “Everyone knows what Chinese girls are like right? Wrong! ” the narrator pauses...