Asian women got talent. We know that. You know that. Let’s share the best music and podcasts by Asian women around the world. Sure, we’re an English-language magazine, but the sound of music transcends languages and can unite us all. From your ears to ours and beyond: we’re hear to stay (sorry for the pun).

april top music by Asian female artists 2018

Top 2018 Music by Asian Female Artists

Ah, time flies and we’ve already bid goodbye to 2018! A mad year for Asian actors and celebrities in Hollywood, but what about our artists, bands, and musicians on this side of the Pacific? For the past 12 months it’s...

Amuro Namie: The Eternal Queen of J-Pop

I first visited Tokyo in 1997 and stayed at the home of a Japanese family. There was a girl a couple of years older than me, but we didn’t talk much during my week there. We were in that teenage stage of awkward self...

soft sounds from another planet by japanese breakfast

Japanese Breakfast, Out the Bedroom and On Tour

Japanese Breakfast, the song-a-day writing project walks out the bedroom and goes on tour When people mention ‘Japanese Breakfast,’ it’s hard not to think of grilled fish, rice, miso soup, and pickles. After all...