Son Tuyen Huynh

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So much news, so little time.

There are so many stories bursting out of Asian women’s hearts, so many women who deserve to be world-famous, yet don’t get even local attention.

We want to cover those stories. We want to pay the writers who write those stories. But we don’t have much money yet. It kills the editor’s heart when she has to turn down a good story because the monthly budget ran dry.

So we ask you to support us. Help us to work for Asian women. Here’s what we’ll do:

We’ll cover more social issues concerning Asian women.

We’ll have more writers, more articles, more topics: so you can feel a surging satisfaction every time you visit our website.

We’ll cover more regions. Not just East & South Asia, not just the US and English speaking countries. Where there are Asian women and our allies, we want to cover them.

We’ll work with companies and organizations who believe in us when we believe in them as well. We’ll get their support and sponsorship, but won’t let them change our thoughts. That’s where your support kicks in and give us power.

We’ll make cool stuff and share it with you as soon as it’s out (eg. the coolest mug cup in the world).

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